About Me
I've been pursuing graphic design for 10 years now and am only growing more excited about the future of my career. My drive has pushed me to really reach out for opportunities and keep myself updated on all the latest design trends and techniques. Whether it be a UX Design internship, Graphic Design in the signage industry, or Web and UI Design within the gaming industry, I am continually being challenged and always pushing myself to be more flexible.

Because I am such a passionate gamer in my spare time, I have found a lot of motivation and inspiration working within the gaming industry. I have experience working with both small and large companies giving me a lot of experience with understanding how my work flows into a final product. I have had the pleasure to work with Art Departments, Publishing Departments, Marketing Departments, and UI Departments which has allowed me to report to many different directors, managers, and seniors. I always make sure to take notes on what makes a good leader as I continue to prepare myself for more Senior Roles in the future.

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